Praise for GOLDSTEIN:

"With the rhythm of Neil Simon and the fierceness of Philip Roth, Charlie Schulman’s solidly constructed and inventive book renders this archetypical premise with an abundance of humor, sentiment, and suspense." - Theater Scene 
Goldstein is on par with that golden era with its own confident style and character, clever and smart as the greats delivered.” –Stage Left 

Goldstein is a quaint, bittersweet musical that moves seamlessly from humor to tragedy.”–This Week In NY 

“Heartfelt”–TimeOut New York 

“Warm and affecting.”  –Village Voice 

“Emotionally powerful production.”  –Jewish Week 
“Very funny.” –TheaterMania 
Goldstein approaches relationships within a multi-generational Jewish family with refreshing honesty and sympathy. It is an enjoyable theatrical experience.”  –Jewish Standard 
Goldstein is an earnestly appealing new musical about family. It exudes heart and features a super talented cast!” –Motherhood Later 
Goldstein is a manna for those seeking a modern taste of the golden days of musical comedy.” –Stage Left 
Goldstein is a tender, fast-moving musical collage.” –Stage Left 
“Like Fiddler, Goldstein is ultimately about familial bonds amid changing times, and who can’t relate to that? –Stage Left 

THE FARTISTE: Outstanding Musical - NYC Fringe Festival
In Paris in the 1890's there was a popular music hall performer called "Le Petomaine" who played tunes by passing gas. He was a huge star for about a decade. THE FARTISTE, book by Charles Schulman, songs by Michael Roberts, a fanciful, fun-filled look at his life, is a full-blown comic musical with a Broadway cast. It's smart, funny, full of beautiful sexy chorus girls who can really sing and dance, and sparkly clever lyrics. The choreography by Richard Move innovates on classic Can Can moves, and the women in the chorus are adept, agile and beautiful. They sing up a storm. The men, Nick Wyman, Mark Baker, Kevin Kraft, and the amazing Steven Scott, who makes all the sounds vocally into a mike, are top level performers. Jokes have a contemporary flavor, and the show is always in good taste (or scent). Jim Corti does a Gene Kelly-type dance number that, for me, lifts the show even higher into a Broadway-level show. I saw it at the Fringe, but this show, directed with great comic flair by John Gould Rubin and costumed perfectly by Melinda C. Basaca, is too entertaining not to have a long run at a New York theater. 

Richmond Shepard-- Performing Arts INSIDER and

THE FARTISTE (Off-Broadway)

“With an outstanding book by Charlie Schulman and brilliant music and lyrics by Michael Roberts, this 2006 NYC International Fringe Festival Award-Winning outrageous new musical not only manages to successfully put the word "art" back into "fart," but it does so in an unusually poignant way. –

The show manages to be both raucously funny and surprisingly touching, dignifying its subject even while providing no small degree of explosive humor.  – New York Post


"Clever, likable and funny. Extremely enjoyable. – New York Times 

“Packed as it is with sly winks at the whole self-important theater game, Character Assassins ultimately is all about the ride–and, in the end, quite possibly critic-proof.” – Asbury Park Press

“A good two-character play is hard to find–but Character Assassinsis one.” – Star Ledger

“A literate and clever piece evoking Sleuth, Mamet, and all things dark and twisty in-between. …And it’s very funny.” –

“A wonderfully witty and twisty play, thoroughly enjoyable.” – The Link News